cropped-sportifcrosscup_logo.pngSportif Cross Cup Series Rules
Updated 4 September 2017

Table of Contents

I. Eligibility and Classes
II. Points Allocation
III. Leaders Jerseyʼs, Points Champions
IV.Prize Lists
V. Series Overall Prize List
VI.Call‐up Procedures
VII. Definitions

I. Eligibility and Classes


The Sportif ʻCross Cup Series is open to all riders, regardless of residence or club affiliation.


There are 21 classes within the Sportif ʻCross Cup Series.

Classes are awarded prizes based on points at the series finale as listed in the chart below.

A series leader will be determined and published for the following races:

Cat 3/4/5 Men 35+
Cat 3/4/5 Men 45+
Cat 3/4 Men
Masters 1/2/3 35+

Masters 1/2/3 45+

Masters 1/2/3/4/5 55+

Masters 1/2/3/4/5 65+

Cat 1/2/3 Women
Cat 3/4 Women

Masters 3/4 45+ Women

Cat 1/2/3 Men
Single Speed Men

Single Speed Women

*Juniors 11-12 Men

*Juniors 13-14 Men

*Juniors 11-12 Women

*Juniors 13-14 Women

*Juniors 9-10 Men

*Juniors 9-10 Women

*Juniors 15-18 Men

*Juniors 15-18 Women


Men Cat 4/5, Cat 5, and Women Cat 4/5 races will be scored with USAC upgrade points but no overall champion will be awarded.


Each series leader (except for juniors and Men’s Masters 65+) will be awarded a “Leaders Jersey” during the podium presentation at each event. A series leader will be allowed to receive no more than 1 jersey during the series year. A series leader who changes categories by voluntary or forced upgrade will relinquish the jersey to the next highest points holder after the next series race. For example: Rider “A”, a Cat 3, is the leader of the Cat 3/4 Men series. Rider “A” upgrades to Cat 2 and moves to the Cat 1/2/3 Men events. Following the next series race, Rider “A” will be removed from the Cat 3/4 Men series standings allowing the rider with the next highest points total to become the new Cat 3/4 Men “Series Leader”.

At the final awards ceremony, the Juniors series winners will receive an award. Based on availability, the junior winners will also receive a jersey.

II. Points

 Series Points

Overall Series Champions will be tallied using points from all 6 races. In the event of a tie, best placement at the final event will determine the winner.

Points will be awarded to the top 25 finishers per the following table:

1st 60 points
2nd 54 points
3rd 48 points
4th 42 points
5th 38 points
6th 34 points
7th 30 points
8th 26 points
9th 24 points
10th 22 points
11th 20 points
12th 18 points
13th 16 points
14th 14 points
15th 12 points
16th 11 points
17th 10 points
18th 9 points
19th 8 points
20th 7 points
21st 6 points
22nd 5 points
23rd 4 points
24th 3 points
25th 2 points

III. Leaders Jerseys, Points Champions

 Leaders Jersey Classes

Leaders Jerseyʼs are provided by the series and will be awarded at podium presentations for each class. Any rider issued a leaders jersey is REQUIRED to wear the jersey during competition. This is mandatory per USAC rules and Sportif ʻCross Cup series regulations. Riders in violation will be denied series points and any “call up” for future series races.

NonChampionship Jersey Classes

Non‐Championship Jersey Classes—For the following season only any Non‐jersey class or “points only” champion is required to graduate up a class for the following season. Example; the Mens cat 3/4 series champion graduates up to the cat 1,2,3 class in either the senior class or masters class. If they choose to ride in the same class the points are won in they will forfeit the opportunity to collect series points. This is an effort to promote rider upgrades.

 IV. Prize lists

 Race Prizes

Sportif ʻCross Cup categories scored have no bearing on individual race prizes, merchandise or cash paid by promoters.

V. Series Overall Prize List

The series prizes will be based on scoring from all 8 events.

VI. CallUp Procedure

Call-ups will be in the following order:

Cat 5 Men:  Date/Time of registration.
Cat 4/5 Men:  Date/Time of registration.
Cat 4/5 Women:  Date/Time of registration.

ALL Junior Races: Series Standings first 2 rows followed by series passholders, then Date/Time of registration.

ALL Other Races:  Row 1 – Top 8 in Sportif Cross Cup Series Standing; Row 2 – Next 8 based on points; Row 3+ – Series Pass holders based on Date/Time of registration; All remaining rows will be called based on Date/Time of registration.

VII. Definitions

 A. SERIES ‐ The series will consist of a number of cyclocross events that had been designated by the Series Coordinator by January 31 of each year.

B. EVENT ‐ The entire slate of racing offered by a promoter on a given day. The event comprises the set of races for the given classes. All Events will be conducted in accordance with USAC and UCI rules, where applicable.

C. RACE ‐ A specific competition, denoted by a separate prize list, but possibly sharing a starting time with another class, at a given event.

D. CLASS ‐ The identifier of the field for a given race.

E. SERIES WINNERS ‐ In each class, the rider having accumulated the greatest number of series points. Series winners will be awarded prizes as listed in chart above.

F. DISPUTES – USAC officials will declare the final finish order of classes on race day. There is no appeal to finish order or to official last word on race day. Protests will also follow USAC rules. Appeals should be directed to the Coordinator and will be heard at its discretion.

G. TIE‐BREAKERS – for series standings tie‐breakers it will be the placing of those riders at the final event to determine the tie‐breaker. If there still remains a tie‐breaker then it will be the second to last series event, and so on, until the tie is broken.

H. RESULTS – Results will be distributed for public viewing, electronically, within 12 hours from the end of the event. Results will be submitted to USAC within 24 hours.